Mouse Button Click Test

Quickly check if all of your mouse's buttons work properly!

Mouse Tester

How to test your mouse

This mouse test helps you quickly test all the buttons and the scroll wheel on your mouse without installing any software on your computer. Additionally, the test also detects "double clicks" resulting from the mouse being broken.

Step 1. Slowly, one by one, click and hold different buttons on your mouse

Step 2. Check if the correct part of the mouse lights up the picture when pressing a button (or scrolling the wheel)

Step 3. If all the buttons on the picture light up and no double clicks were detected then your mouse is working properly

Some mice might be missing the side buttons or have more buttons than on the image.

Fixing Problems With Your Mouse

Here you can find solutions to most common problems.

Some of the buttons on my mouse do not work

Make sure you can move your cursor (by moving the mouse). If you cannot move the cursor, then make sure the mouse is connected to the computer. If you are sure that the mouse is connected to the computer, then look at the mouse's manufacturer's website to find a software update.

My mouse's side buttons are reversed

Some mice have side buttons reversed and it doesn't really matter.

My mouse is double-clicking

Mouse double-clicking is usually caused by a hardware malfunction and cannot be repaired with software. You should get your mouse fixed or buy a new one.

My mouse is moving by itself

Mouse moving by itself could be caused by many issues. One of them is out of date drivers. Go to your mouse manufacturer's website and check if you can download updated drivers. Another common problem is the mouse's sensor being dirty. Something like a hair or a bit of dust could be confusing the sensor.

My mouse is not moving at all

Check that your mouse is connected to your computer (if using a wire) or that your mouse's batteries are full (using a wireless mouse). If neither of those worked, then clean your mouse's sensor (under your mouse).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to most common questions and solutions to common problems.

How to test my mouse's scroll wheel?

Mouse your mouse over to the picture. While staying on the picture, start scrolling up (or down). The arrow, indicating the direction you scroll, should turn blue.

How to test my mouse's middle button?

Click and hold the middle button (press the scroll wheel down) of your mouse. The scroll wheel should turn blue on the picture. If you let go of the scroll wheel, the scroll wheel on the picture should stay light blue.

How to test my mouse's side buttons?

Click and hold one of your mouse's side buttons. The color of the side button on the image should turn blue. If you let go of the button, it should stay light blue. If the wrong button lights up, then do not worry, some mice have these buttons mixed, and it doesn't matter.

How does this test work?

We detect browser events corresponding to mouse button clicks, not all browsers have events for all the different mouse buttons, but we support browsers with that feature.

How do you detect double clicks?

When you click a button on your mouse, we record the timestamp associated with that click. If two clicks happen within a humanly impossible period, it means that your mouse is malfunctioning and should either replace it or fix it.